ORII TANA IWO (We Are Children of the Sun) "OFFICIAL VIDEO"

“Orii Tana Iwo” is a composition by Sol NOKO-KISHI (Sun Child Symphonix Arkestra) performed in the NAKA-KISHI tone. It is a creative expression of our dutiful dance with the planet Earth, as we honor the sun and uphold the principles of nature for human and environmental wellness.

Orii Tana Iwo is an intentional message of love and respect for nature, the environment and the community. According to NAKA-KISHI ancestral teachings, the Sun is the essence of natural law. In the dimension of name and form (solidity), TANA (the living sun and supreme ancestor of the physical realm) is the highest source—the nature of nature. Our very existence is based on our reverence and our relationship with TANA. Our ancient ancestors also believed solar reverence to be the central and most efficient way to honor nature in all of its manifestations.

While seemingly a simple truth, throughout antiquity, Indigenous people have been notably disrespected for our reverence of the sun; often deduced to being labeled as pagans, heathens, occultists etc. Factually speaking, no matter which way of life or religion one chooses, there would be no prophets, gurus, preachers, Imams or any of their corresponding dogmas that could exist without the sun.

In NAKA-KISHI society, we recognize natural law—all life on this planet is sustained by TANA. It is understood that just as TANA sustains life, each person under TANA uses thought or action to impact the community. In all aspects of life including social, economic etc., solar reverence is the basic motivating force that propels every person to manifest their full potential. 

We Are All Children of the Sun.

Sol NOKOKISHI (Sun Child Symphonix Arkestra)... A project of KIYOKAYO.BIO/produced & distributed by RBTBUSHFROG.MEDIA

All proceeds from our album sales go to support critical environmental & human excellence initiatives. For more info, visit us @



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Feb 5 '15
Love this
Feb 6 '15
This is hot!
Feb 6 '15
Conscious vibration
Feb 9 '15
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