Race and Intelligence : Science's Last Taboo


The Wall

Oct 29 '14
A must watch
Nov 5 '14
I must say I also think genetics can determine the intelligence of a child. If your child is not intelligent a parent could work with the child and I believe the child has a chance. The parent must start from infancy in order for this to work.
Nov 6 '14
Many believe it starts from the womb where mother reads alouds.
Nov 9 '14
Donna, I believe that too.
Nov 12 '14
yes we must Helen
Nov 12 '14
I agree with kiya, I think you can work at intelligence but I think it's genetics that controls a lot of it
Nov 15 '14
Why do you think it is genetics versus the individual?
Nov 17 '14
Some culture are more discipline than some in certain areas.
Mar 3 '15
Good post
Mar 4 '15
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