Writing a research proposal


The Wall

Nov 4 '14
i found it very helpful in writing my proposal and ways to conduct my research
Nov 5 '14
I am glad it can be helpful.
Nov 5 '14
Its helpful, to help me make questions for my survey I like the challenge
Nov 5 '14
a little something to keep in mind for doing a survey. so its every helpful
Nov 5 '14
watching this video helped me understand what to do with my proposal
Nov 6 '14
Nov 9 '14
this video is very helpful
Nov 9 '14
i am glad it is
Mar 13 '15
Very instrumental video. Clearly explains the aspects of the research proposal, which in turn will help me keep my proposal organized.
May 29 '15
This video was very helpful . Helped me understand more what to do
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